"“Time and time again, JTA has successfully moved my projects through legislative hurdles and a myriad of permits at various levels of government. By using their high level contacts and integrating their experience and expertise into my team planning, I avoided substantial cost and time delays.”"

- Ernest Kaufmann
Waste Management & Bioenergy Executive

With 33 years’ experience in state government, Bill Roper has served as the lead consultant to many Tanner clients. His past experience, which includes working for six governors and numerous legislators on a wide range of projects, has proven most valuable for clients seeking advice in the internal workings of state government.

Bill Roper earned a well-deserved reputation during his 33 years with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, a successful tenure that lasted through six gubernatorial administrations. Roper was instrumental in developing each Governor’s annual budget recommendations to the state Legislature and in presenting his agenda of legislation. Among his services to the Governor, Roper monitored and analyzed major legislation introduced in the General Assembly each year.

In addition to his work as gubernatorial liaison with the Legislature, Bill Roper organized, scheduled and managed every major management improvement initiative in state government beginning with Governor Lester Maddox’s administration and continuing through Zell Miller’s. For example, Roper initiated a Statewide Electronic Data Processing Task Force during Maddox’s term. During Governor Jimmy Carter’s tenure, Roper oversaw the State Reorganization and Management Improvement Commission. At the request of Governor Zell Miller, Bill Roper guided both the Commission on Effectiveness and Economy in State Government and the Commission on the Privatization of State Services. Roper’s other efforts dealt with streamlining state regulation of businesses, establishing a post-secondary vocational education system and creating an commission to manage the state public broadcasting system.

One of the highlights of Roper’s career in state government was his visionary plan to establish a management consulting function within the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. For more than 26 years, Roper and his staff acted as an in-house management consulting team to provide objective analytical services to the Governor, state agency heads and legislative committees. Roper’s goal was to make state government more effective, efficient and economical, which he accomplished.

Roper also instigated an innovative approach to updating Georgia’s state government for the fast-paced Technology Age in which it must operate today. With the skill of a seasoned diplomat, he organized and managed two task forces – one from the private sector and one from state agencies – and brought them together to recommend needed policy and procedural improvements in the state’s information technology. The resulting statewide inter-organizational body has been crucial in formulating the state’s information technology policies and developing strategic planning so that the State of Georgia is ready for the new millennium.

One specialty that Roper developed during his State Government career that has benefitted a number of the Company’s clients was managing major procurements.  Through his experience in developing requests for proposals and evaluation criteria, guiding the associated evaluation of vendor proposals and assisting state officials select the most advantageous proposal, he has great insight into how to structure and word a proposal so that it will be both fully responsive to a procurement’s requirements and persuasive in its presentation.

Roper began his career with a company whose history is the foundation for today’s boom in communications: The Western Union Telegraph Company. From 1959 until 1964, he held various positions with the company, with duties ranging from personnel-related work to designing and costing-out small communications networks. This beginning taught him the value of communications, a vision that he still holds.

Bill Roper, an Atlanta native, received a bachelors and a masters of business administration from Georgia State University. He and his wife have two grown children.

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