"“Time and time again, JTA has successfully moved my projects through legislative hurdles and a myriad of permits at various levels of government. By using their high level contacts and integrating their experience and expertise into my team planning, I avoided substantial cost and time delays.”"

- Ernest Kaufmann
Waste Management & Bioenergy Executive

Expertise and Representation on Environmental Issues 
With four former state employees who have a combined 118 years of engineering, managerial, and executive experience in Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources and Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division, JTA has extraordinary capabilities in resolving complex environmental problems.

JTA can assist your organization by providing multi-faceted environmental consulting services, including:

Environmental Permitting
The breadth of JTA’s expertise in the laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and staff involved with environmental permitting in Georgia is unmatched.  JTA has assisted in securing the following types of permits for its clients:

    • Surface Water Withdrawal
    • Ground Water Withdrawal
    • Wastewater Discharges
    • Land Application Systems
    • MSW and C&D Landfills
    • Surface Mines
    • Oil or Gas Pipelines
    • Stream Buffer Variances

Contaminated Site Projects
JTA assists its clients in the planning of site remediation and facilitates the negotiations with EPD to arrive at successful and economical remediation plans.

Environmental Compliance
JTA identifies the needed steps to achieve and sustain environmental compliance.  These include water withdrawals, wastewater discharges, air emissions, landfill operations, mining operations, and erosion and sedimentation controls, and others.

Environmental Noncompliance
JTA assists its clients in resolving environmental regulatory enforcement actions dealing with noncompliance. This includes preparing action plans to return to compliance and avoid enforcement actions, if possible. If an enforcement action is needed, JTA leads the negotiations with EPD or USEPA to arrive at enforcement acceptable to JTA’s clients and EPD.

Environmental Assessments and Audits
JTA performs environmental assessments and environmental audits to determine compliance with environmental requirements and to make recommendations for improving environmental performance. 

Drinking Water Reservoirs
JTA provides planning and permitting services for proposed drinking water reservoirs for local governments in Georgia.  JTA has been involved in six such projects.

Environmental Policies, Rules and Laws
Many of JTA’s clients are affected by policies, rules and laws established by the State of Georgia (EPD Director, Board of Natural Resources, General Assembly and Governors’ Office) and also by the USEPA.  JTA monitors the activities of these agencies and advocates for its clients when new rules or laws are being considered or when existing rules and laws are proposed for change.  These include rules and laws affecting water quality, water planning, wastewater, water supply, landfills, mining, air  quality designations, air emissions, erosion and sediment control and stream buffers.

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