JTA will be your business development partner by:

Developing a business plan that captures your vision, targets markets for products/services, establishes an organized marketing strategy, sets out a work plan, devises a timetable for market expansion and internal improvements, and realistically forecasts revenues and expenditures.

Evaluating your organizational structure and staffing in light of goals and objectives as well as existing and projected workloads.

Analyzing internal procedures and recommending cost-effective improvements.

Researching the out-sourcing of selected functions.

Identifying the organization's requirements and design a competitive procurement process to meet those requirements.

Assisting in negotiating performance-based contracts with vendors.

Training your staff in performing procurements efficiently in-house.

Our Clients

From Fortune 500 to Small Start Ups, Joe Tanner & Associates provides a wealth of  knowledge and experience to ensure our clients the edge in any industry.

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