Communication plans in the public policy arena are often run like political campaigns with a wide range of strategies and tactics.  As part of our full suite of governmental affairs services, JTA has extensive communications experience to help our clients achieve successful outcomes, including:

Issues Management
JTA can assist your organization with the best course of action to achieve your business goals while avoiding obstacles and other risks. Our detailed planning sessions help you to formulate the right policy and procedures to maximize success.

Opinion Research
JTA can gather, analyze, and interpret public opinion attitudes that might impact the plans of your organization. Polling data from "back home" can influence decision-makers.

Public Policy Research
It is imperative to understand current laws, regulations, and attitudes of decision-makers before forming final strategies. Published studies, for instance, can influence the policy debate.

Collateral Development
Whether it is push cards, information sheets, Q&As, white papers, newsletters, or website development, JTA can assist with copywriting, publishing, and distributing your issue support literature when a rapid response is critical.

Media Relations
JTA has vast experience performing media relations in public policy settings. Our associates can assist with writing and placing press releases, holding statements, opinion/editorials, setting-up editorial board meetings, and preparing clients for one-on-one interviews with local, state, or Capitol press corps media. JTA also monitors press articles and can offer clipping services to keep you informed on matters of interest.

Crisis Management
JTA can analyze the risks and vulnerabilities of specific actions and avoid potential public relations disasters. By implementing a proactive crisis management plan, JTA can avoid landmines, initiate contingency plans, or reposition organizations at odds with government or misunderstood by the public.

Ally Development
The most powerful and credible alliances come from uniting independent entities that share a stake in an issue's outcome. When third party validation is crucial, JTA can put the coalition together.

Grassroots Advocacy
We believe in the saying "All Politics is Local." The most effective coalitions are built on the foundation of the local level. JTA knows how to educate and activate different constituencies.

Mass Communication
JTA can influence public opinion through an effective mass communication campaign, including a speaker's bureau in front of key audiences, television, radio public service announcements, and turnkey direct mail services (copy, graphics, printing, voter targeting).

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